About Us

SEO Video Coach is the brainchild of Mike Allan, aka newmediaMike. This site will re-publish SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, Local SEO, videos from YouTube SEO video creators. Eventually, the site will host original SEO videos produced by Mike.

The site is in its infancy, having a very soft launch the week of August 5, 2020. The site came as a pre-built website called SEO Video Tips with 155 SEO video posts. I originally posted the site at searchmarketing.tips, but it didn’t feel right at that address. Then the name SEOvideocoach.com came to me.

It made sense, instead of SEO Video Tips, these SEO videos “coach” the viewers, hence SEO Video Coach. I’ve been marketing newmediaMike as an SEO coach for some time now, so it fits in nicely with my plans.

It struck me that if I emphasized Video Coach, it came out as SEO Video Coach. In these uncertain times, face to face meetings and consultations have been replaced by Zoom meetings. Offering consultations and answering questions, coaching all made perfect sense. SEO Video Coach will offer one on one SEO coaching and consultation via Zoom. With the current economic situation, and wanting to give back to the community, these Zoom Consultations are FREE.