Canonical Tags – What the Heck is a Canonical Tag?

Canonicals tags are often misunderstood by SEOs, both beginner and advanced. Check out the best keyword research tool I use –

In this video, we look at canonical tags, which are typically used to resolve canonical duplication problems on websites. We will explain why canonical tags are important for SEO and how to prevent duplicate content in the search engines.

You’re probably wondering what the difference is between a canonical tag vs 301 redirect. Well there’s a difference! My answer is they should use a canonical tag that points back to your site telling google that your site is the authority on the subject.

By approaching the topic of canonical tags, we’re zooming in on one particular channel of what should be a much larger, more comprehensive digital marketing strategy…

Particularly, on your site having a pagination, you must have to use canonical tags… What the heck is a canonical tag? Well you’ll learn soon enough the seo best practices for canonical urls + the rel=canonical tag

Here are some common questions most beginner SEOs have:
What is canonical tag in seo and how to fix it?
What are canonical urls and how do they work?

Well you’ll learn the answers in this video!

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