How to Set Up a Google Analytics 4 (#GA4) Property: a Full Guide

How to Set Up a Google Analytics 4 Property

This video will help you to upgrade to GA4 in Google Analytics quickly and easily. You’ll learn:

0:38 – The main facts about GA4 property in Google Analytics
2:25 – How to upgrade the existing Universal Analytics property to GA4
3:19 – How to install the GA4 code to your website using Google Tag Manager
7:42 – Create a new property in Google Analytics
7:47 – How to choose Universal Analytics for a new property when GA4 is a default option

GA4 is a completely new type of property Google Analytics announced recently.

Quick facts:

  • The new GA4 property combines web and app data under one roof.
  • Many events won’t need a separate code installation (e.g. Scroll, File downloads, Video engagement)
  • It also lets you analyze funnels (this goes beyond classic goal funnels)
  • GA4 has new ways to control data and privacy
  • And on top of that, GA4 looks completely different from Universal Analytics

The video is by Kristina Azarenko, an eCommerce and Technical SEO consultant, Founder of MarketingSyrup

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