SENuke XCR Tutorial Review — How To Build High Quality Tier 1 Links

My detailed SENuke XCR review tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about the software along with how to use it to build out high quality tier 1 links.

I have put together an exclusive pack of resources on my blog to help you with your campaign and get your links on sites that no one else has so be sure to head over the blog to download that!

What You Will Learn-

How to use SENuke XCR properly
How to create as many high quality links as you want
How to import your own custom sites to build links from

Partial Transcript (full transcript on the blog)

Hi guys Matthew Woodward here and today we are going to be taking a closer look at senuke xcr.

This is one of the most requested tutorials from my readers so here it is!

You will learn-

How to use SENuke XCR like a pro
We are going to look at how to import custom target sites
How to build high quality tier 1 links
And there’s a bunch of exclusive resources for you underneath the video on my blog.

You can also use this video as part of my tiered link building series which focused on using Ultimate Demon to build the 1st tier.

So i’m going to show you how to do the same but with SENuke XCR instead

first of all you will need to watch video 1 – theory, and video 2 – preparation.

Click on the videos if you want to watch them now!

Then you can follow along with this tutorial

After building out your tier 1 links with SENuke XCR you may continue with video 4 in the series and skip video 3.

So this is the main interface of SENuke XCR and up here is where you create all of your projects and link building campaigns.

You can see all the different types here – social networks, article directories, social bookmarks and so on and the two wizards which I will also take you through.

We can also look at the options here now for the most part you can leave these at default but I like to change the default email verification wait to 15 minutes.

You can also import all of your private proxies you will need private proxies to register accounts here.

And also setup your captcha service. Now it has got captcha sniper integration but the problem is a lot of the sites here use recaptcha and captcha sniper does not support recaptcha so you get a very high fail rate.

So use a dedicated service DeathByCaptcha are the cheapest and don’t forget to tick enable auto captcha solving and for the most part you can leave the rest of these options at default and you can just hit save here and come out of it.

And I would also like to quickly show you the portal. Now these are a collection of scripts created by the user. You get 10 points to spend which is equal to 10 scripts to choose from so you can add a load of new sites or platforms directly here.

So pick 10 that you like the look of, tick the ones that you want and then click on download selected.

The last thing I would like to show you is the change notes you can see here how often they actually update the software. Just the other day they added nearly 1500 sites before that they added another 70 or 80 sites and you can see they are constantly releasing updates to the software so it is highly maintained.

So the first tool we are going to look at is the turbo wizard. Now this makes it really easy to setup campaigns you just drop your money site in, your keyword, some tags and there’s a few other options down here and it will automatically go out and scrape and build content and spin it together for you and go out and build your campaign based on the settings down here.

Now this is really easy to get started but it does remove a lot of the elements of control and with that comes a significant drop in quality so I would never recommend using the turbo wizard directly to your money site but it is there if you just need to setup a quick campaign.

And just before we get started actually building out our campaign I’m just going to show you how you create campaigns and projects quickly.

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