Should you build links on LinkedIn?

In this video, I discuss the effects of using LinkedIn as a part of your white-hat SEO campaign.
In the past, I’ve used LinkedIn to promote web content to my target audience. (The audience usually comprises of SEO and web marketing specialists.)

One of the things that I had always noticed when I was promoting my content on LinkedIn was the effect it was having on the content’s rankings.

For a previous employer, I had written an article that ended up getting over 50 social media signals from LinkedIn and no links from blogs or other websites. The content started to rank for the keywords “Advertorial link building” and “Advertorial links” on the first page of Google. One of the rankings was next to the man Matt Cutts himself!

In this video, we investigate the use of the rel=nofollow attribute on LinkedIn and the use of redirects. We try to isolate where the link benefits are coming from so that you can share links to your web content knowing that your site will gain an SEO benefit in the long-term.

I have already published a post on this topic which can be seen here.

Do links from LinkedIn help website’s SEO rankings?

Enjoy the video.

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