Should you build nofollow links in a white hat SEO campaign?

It’s important to build the right type of links in your white hat SEO campaign so that your site can rank higher in the organic search results.

It’s important that the links that are acquired in the SEO campaign have the nofollow attribute. However, it is common for many links to have the nofollow attribute.

For many people in the SEO world, nofollow links are quickly dismissed as having no value. But the thing is, getting the link can create value in other areas.

In this video, I discuss how getting a nofollow blog comment link generates one of my sites a regular stream of traffic every month. By applying a similar strategy across other websites, you can easily build the referral traffic of your website.

This additional traffic could provide qualified leads or even sales.

Alternatively, the nofollow links provide exposure that can generate organic links from the web community.

Watch the video to see my point of view when it comes to building nofollow links.

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